Birthday Party Venues in Southampton

The special day of your child is round the corner. Why do you waste time searching for special venues for hosting his birthday, when you can easily select a hotel for the purpose? You might find numerous specialised birthday party venues southampton, but most of them only provide you the hall as a part of the deal and charge extra for other stuff like snacks and drinks for the guests, hiring a photographer to take photographs of the once in a year joyous occasion, and a disk jockey for entertaining the guests. You also have to pay for decorating the space to make it suitable for a birthday party. Apart from this, you can only book such venues for a couple of hours. If this is not enough, such venues have no resting rooms in which your tired invitees can relax. It works out cheaper hiring a conference hall in a hotel for the purpose. This allows you to book the venue for an entire day. You can also book one or more rooms at a negligible price. Here are some additional advantages hiring a hotel for hosting your child's birthday party.

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Their staff have all the knowledge required

Many hotels in southampton have conference halls, which you can use as the birthday venue. As other people from the city also use these hotels for hosting birthday parties, the staffs of the hotel have full knowledge about how to make necessary arrangements for the special event. Their dedicated party planner will discuss the number of guests and their ages with you and make necessary arrangements, which include decorating the venue, preparing snacks and drinks for the guests, and arranging for a disk jockey and photographer too. In fact, you get a complete package when selecting a hotel for the birthday event of your child.

Selecting a suitable hotel

It makes sense to book a hotel that is located in the centre of the city as this allows guests from all parts of the city to reach the venue quickly. You can find many hotels that charge different rates for hosting birthday parties in Southampton by searching the net. A few of them include:

- Grand Harbour Hotel

- Hilton at the Ageas Bowl

- The Blue Keys

- Botleigh Grange Hotel

Check the quotations offered by each one of them, inclusive of extras like photographers, DJs, decorations, and food and drinks, and select one that offers you the best value for your money.